Pressure Vessels

We do our best work under pressure.

We know pressure

Creating pressure vessels is an exacting science. It is a precise blend of engineering, materials, craftsmanship and quality control.
Pressure vessels are at the core of the Mitternight expertise. We got our start over 80 years ago repairing boilers, and have grown to become a leading international specialist in manufacturing secure, reliable ASME Code vessels of every size, material and finish.

Materials to build the best

We see a variety of materials in the opportunities offered to us. We work in all of the high nickel alloys including C2000, C22, C276, AL6XN, Alloy 20, 600, 625, 800, 825 and all of the duplex stainless steels as well as conventional stainless steel. We manufacture equipment in carbon steel, chrome moly steel and low temperature steel. Our sub-vendors perform heat treating at our plant or at their facility.

Mitternight also provides explosion or roll bonded clad materials through our sub-vendors to produce an economical pressure containment envelope and corrosion-resistant lining. We perform corrosion resistant overlay in-house. Each of these methods has its advantage. We stand ready to assist you in determining the most appropriate methods for your needs.

Quality is a process, not an inspection

Quality cannot be inspected into the equipment at the end of fabrication. Quality must be an integral part of the team as the equipment progresses. Our quality staff participates from day one moving towards a finished product that meets both customer specifications and the ASME Code.