Heat Exchangers

We make the complex commonplace

Uncompromising Precision

While we do not exclusively build heat exchangers, it commands more and more of our workload. Shell and tube heat exchangers are among our product specialties.

We drill tube sheets with computer-controlled horizontal drilling machinery for maximum precision. Typically tube sheets receive ultrasonic examination prior to drilling to spot any lamination and avoid costly delays.

An integral part of the manufacture of heat exchangers is the tube rolling operation. Our automatic torque control tube rolling equipment guarantees that tubes will be rolled in uniform, efficient manner.

A culture of craftsmanship

At Mitternight, where complex projects are commonplace, training, experience and low turnover are very important. The company has an excellent record of retaining people for many years. Our continuing commitment to training helps new workers reach a high level of skill as we team them with our most experienced mechanics.
Many jobs, by their very nature, require a high degree of skill. It takes a company like Mitternight to handle projects of such complexity.