An ironclad culture of quality

Mitternight was originally engaged in the repair of boilers and related products.  The focus of the Company began to evolve in the mid-1960s.  Today, Mitternight is a manufacturer of ASME-code vessels, including heat exchangers, chemical reactors, distillation columns and other pressure vessels, utilizing materials ranging from carbon steel to titanium.

Mitternight is located at 5301 Highway 43 North, Satsuma, Alabama. The facility is situated on approximately 18 acres and consists of an office building (approximately 5,000 square feet) and a manufacturing plant (approximately 65,000 square feet). The plant is serviced by Burlington Northern Santa Fe and has a spur onto the property.

From 1927 through today, we think the process of fabricating a vessel for you, our customer, is a collaborative process and all of our organizational energy is focused on keeping you informed about the status of your vessel.